How To Beat A Fat Loss Plateau

Struggling to see further progress with your workout or diet program? Feel frustrated that what you were doing seemed to be working and all of a sudden all progress has stopped?
If you're stuck in a rut, congratulations, you've just reached a fat loss plateau. Fat loss plateaus are all too common among those doing weight loss workout and diet programs and unless you understand how to overcome them, they could end up being the end of your efforts. Fortunately, with a few simple adjustments to your approach, you should easily be able to beat this plateau and get right back on to seeing the results that you're after. Let's have a look at what you need to know.
Take A Three Day Diet Break
The very first method to help you beat a fat loss plateau is a simple three day break. Remember we don't recommend anyone to "diet" this is a bad four letter word, however if you have been restricting your food intake for four weeks or longer, there's a very good chance that your metabolic rate has slowed down because of it.
It's only natural for the body to slow down how many calories it burns when less food is coming in as this is an essential defence reaction built in to prevent starvation.
The only way that you're going to fix this issue however is to begin eating more calories once again so that you send a signal to the body that it's okay to speed back up.
Do this and you'll move one step in the right direction. Most people find after 3 days of eating at a higher calorie intake, upon going back to their reduced calorie diet, they see results much more quickly.
Assess Your Workout Program
The second must-do if you're stuck in a fat loss plateau is to assess your workout program. When was the last time you changed something around? Have you been going into the gym and doing the same session over and over again?
Remember, if you want your body to change, you must give it a reason to do so. Do you think that same old workout is going to do that? Definitely not. Shake things up a bit. Either add in some new and innovative exercises, increase the weight, decrease the rest time, or start adding in a few supersets into the routine. Just do something that shocks your body so it starts responding again.
Track Your Calories More Carefully
Although we are not fans of calorie counting, so to speak, we do know that one reason that some people hit a fat loss plateau in the first place is because they just aren't keeping tabs on how many calories they're eating throughout the day.
This is a grave mistake because without any calorie awareness, you'll never know which direction you have to move if you aren't seeing the results you desire. If you've stopped losing weight and you've tried the above mentioned methods to no avail, the most likely reason is because you're taking in too many calories, so to help solve the problem, you need to decrease your intake further.
To get weight loss moving, aim to eat around 300-500 fewer than what you have been and you'll be seeing results in no time.
So there you have three highly effective ways that you can beat a fat loss plateau. Don't let yourself get discouraged. Instead, take action and you'll be right back on track to seeing success.
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