How To Lose Fat 4 Times Faster Using These Tips

You may already be using the newest dieting technology, which creates fat loss with no rebound fat gain afterward, but did you know there are three new exercise systems that will show you how to lose fat and really speed up your results? With these new types of exercise, which have been shown to quickly increase both your immediate fat burn and your overall metabolism, you won't be spending a lot of money to get started or a lot of time exercising either.
If you are like most people, a good exercise routine to multiply your fat loss will have:
* minimal use of your time
* inexpensive start-up
* no extensive training needed just to start getting results
* high effectiveness specifically for fat loss
Only three new exercise technologies meet all these requirements:
High Intensity Resistance Training increases deep muscle growth and cardiovascular conditioning quickly
High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, which seriously ramps up your immediate fat burn as well as your body's fat burning capacity
Metabolic Resistance Training, or MRT , a High Intensity which blends aspects of the other two
Standard resistance training, such as weight training, is a well-known type of exercise extensively covered by personal and sports trainers, exercise gurus and many others. High Intensity Resistance Training takes the gradually increasing resistance of standard resistance training, but emphasizes the muscle breakdown portion using slow movements and minimizing the recovery time between exercises. This works the slow muscle fibers for a deep muscular training effect and gives the body rapid overall cardiovascular training.
High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, focuses on using high-speed movement of large muscle groups to engage the fast and super fast muscle fibers. This takes the heart rate to its maximum, while allowing only short recovery times between exercise bursts. HIIT is one of the most effective known ways to get your body in much better shape in a short time, and meets all the criteria of quick, easy, inexpensive but very effective exercise. Workouts themselves last only 15 to 20 minutes, as opposed to the 30 to 60 minutes of traditional weight lifting and 30 plus minute treadmill or cardio type workout.
For a high level of fat metabolism, both during and for over 24 hours after the exercise period, Metabolic Resistance Training, or MRT, is now known to work extraordinarily well. MRT combines the high heart rates and High Intensity principles of HIIT with a focus on engaging more of the large muscle groups of the body. Even though it does not work the slow muscle fibers deeply, as does the High Intensity Resistance Training, it does give high, long lasting fat burn and a full heart workout.
High Intensity training will kick your fat reduction program in to high gear because it:
* uses stored fat fast
* keeps on using fat for hours
* takes only 20 minutes out of your day
* rapidly increases your body's actual capacity to burn fat
* works your heart in both modes: aerobic and anaerobic
* conditions multiple muscle fiber types
The latest exercise technologies using High Intensity workouts are proving themselves to be many times more effective than traditional long slow cardio workouts for losing fat. Simple and inexpensive to learn, quick to perform, and fast to bring results, they are a perfect complement to the new fat loss diet technologies. If you want to learn how to lose fat, and lose it fast, add one of these simple programs to your fat loss diet.
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