Diet and Fitness Plans

Here's how to create diet and fitness plans that will work for both short term and long term weight loss. I'm going to give you the principles behind success in both areas. If you're sick and tired of being fat, I hope you take the next 2 minutes to read this article so you can take control of your weight and start to lose it right away.
Diet and Fitness Plans
1. For diets, you need to base your meals and snacks around protein
You need protein as the focal point of your diet plan. Protein has a "TRIPLE PUNCH" that works for you in losing weight. First, it quickens your metabolism. It's a natural metabolism boosting agent. Basically, it helps you to burn off more calories while you do nothing. Second, it satiates you into feeling more full. In effect, it suppresses your appetite. You eat and drink less calories. Third, prevents your blood sugar levels from jumping up when you eat sugary carbs. This prevents your body from storing those carbs as fat.
So, got that? Protein with meals and snacks.
2. Your fitness program needs to revolved around bursts of high intensity
This not only will save you a ton of time working out, but it FORCES your body into burning off more fat due to the "afterburn effect". Here are some examples, but you can adapt these to pretty much any exercise you do. You run hard for 10 seconds and then you walk for 50 seconds. Keep repeating that for a total of 10-20 minutes. You run up stairs and walk down them. Do this for 10 minutes non-stop. Etc...
Basically, do something with a high level of intensity of effort for 10 seconds then you back off and continue doing it for 50 seconds of a lower intensity. It's not complicated. You just need to be able to put in that high level effort during the high intensity bursts. A lot of people simply give up. I hope you aren't one of them.
These 2 diet and fitness plans are key aspects to losing weight, so keep them in mind when you're trying for quick weight loss.
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