Fast Loss - Weight and Fat Burning Program That Actually Makes Sense

Two of the questions that dieters ask most are:
"How much can I eat in each meal?"
"How many calories can I consume every day if i want to lose weight fast?"
Many popular diets attempt to set limits on calorie consumption based on the persons weight & height (and sometimes try to take into account "activity level" as well). Most weight loss programs use these same types of daily calorie guidelines too.  They will tell you that counting calories is the only way that will result in weight loss. Weight reduction, according to these programs is achieved when you consume less calories each day then you use.
For example, you may sometimes be told to eat 2,000 calories per day if you weigh a certain amount and if you exercise daily.
But this is a RIDICULOUS way to try to achieve any significant weight loss!
Each person has a different metabolism level and the amount of calories each one of us needs has nothing to do with our height or weight. Our body's ability to effectively burn calories is not determined by our activity level either, since there are more then a few people around who are very active and still heavy because their metabolism is slower then that of an average person. For example, it's quite possible that if you take 2 people who weigh 155 lbs and have the same daily activity level, one person's metabolism will be as much higher then the others.
So if we are looking for fast loss, weight loss cannot be based on daily calorie count.
There is another reason why "daily caloric guidelines" are a waste of time: Our body doesn't burn more or less calories each day it burns more or less calories depending on the food you eat in each meal.  Our body doesn't burn energy according to when the sun rises and sets, it burns energy in the course of the day as we consume it.
This means that simply counting your daily calories is not going to make you any thinner. Fast loss = weight loss program that will teach you to plan your food across more than 3 meals per day in order to lose weight quickly and effectively.
To boost your metabolism you must eat more often!  And you don't need to follow some set caloric limit each day.
The size of your food portions when you're trying to lose weight, has nothing to do with counting calories either.
In fact, most people who count their daily calories are unlikely to achieve fast loss. Weight and fat burning diet that is based on controlling the production of Fat Burning and Fat Storing Hormones is the fastest and safest way to lose weight.  Click on my website to learn more about this EASY program that is so effective at forcing fast weight loss for thousands of new dieters each month.
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