Lemons, Help Me Lose Weight!

Lemons have been part of diets, and especially detox diets, since centuries. They are well known for their cleansing properties, which are mostly attributed to their property to help the body to establish an alkaline environment. Although lemons itself, and lemon juice, are acidic, they act when metabolized as an alkalizing food for your body's pH.
This is important because most foods we consume lead to a higher acidity level, and also preservatives, food additives and heavy metals give the body a hard time to function properly. The acidity stays in your body as long as there are no corresponding alkalizing agents that they are able to combine with. Once neutralized, they can to be eliminated from the body. And that's where the lemons come in. So, lemons, help me lose weight!
Right, not only that it has obvious health benefits to get all the junk out of you, but also a cleansing diet using lemons will help you to lose weight very quickly! Most of the impurities are stored in fat cells, which also store a lot of water to balance the poisonous effect of the junk. Once the lemons provide an alkaline environment the body is able to get rid of these impurities and the associated water which is followed by weight loss.
The above cleansing effect is used in the Master Cleanse Diet, where all your nutrition is provided by lemons, water and a bit of maple syrup. The enormous weight loss that can be achieved with this diet is also due to the very low calorie consumption during this 10 day period and also because your colon gets cleaned out by salt water flushes. However, this diet is not so easy to hang on to and remember, not all the weight loss equals fat loss, meaning only a part of that weight loss is permanent.
Now, you wonder "Do lemons help me lose weight, or don't they?" They do, but the weight loss due to their detox properties works much slower if you don't do the Master Cleanse Diet. You will then have to stick to several glasses of diluted lemon juice for several weeks to see some results. This is nevertheless beneficial as it is easier to do and a slower weight loss will give you more permanent results.
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Author: Claudia Ohst

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