Losing Weight Can Improve Your Sex Drive And Strengthen Your Relationship

If you are overweight, you are probably aware that losing weight will bring about a long list of health benefits. If a low sex drive is one of your problems, you could add another point to that list. Several health and sex experts have pointed out that losing weight is a sure shot way to improve your sex drive and improve your performance. There are several reasons for this. Here are some details on how weight loss and sex drive are connected.
The Physical Connection between Excess Weight and Low Libido
Excess weight is often associated with a cholesterol problem and insulin resistance. One of the problems of these two conditions is that they shut down the blood vessels connected to the male penis and the female clitoris. In any case, when there are fat deposits in your blood vessels, blood flow is restricted in the tiny vessels that supply the sexual organs. When you lose weight with the combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise, your vessels will open out and you will be able to counter all these factors.
Healthy Diet and Sex Drive
While weight loss boosts your libido quite dramatically, even if you don't lose weight in the short-term, a healthier diet itself will work wonders for your performance in bed. That is because it will help control your cholesterol problem and improve your insulin sensitivity. As a result, your blood vessels will open out.
Exercise and Sex Drive
The exercise aspect of your weight loss efforts will also have a direct effect on improving your sex drive. With exercise, you are able to control your stress levels, improve your lean muscle mass and your energy levels. Each of these factors improves your performance between the sheets.
The Psychological Connection between Weight Loss and Sex
When one talks about losing weight to boost your libido, it is hard to ignore the psychological aspects. In the modern cultural scenario, where the media and one's peers are constantly emphasizing on a lean figure, people who are overweight are very conscious about how bad they supposedly look. This is especially true with women. A poor body image becomes a major roadblock in your capacity to enjoy the sexual experience. After all, when you are obsessing over how your thighs or your tummy look, you will not be able to live the moment, and sex is all about living the moment. So, while losing weight, it is important that you also start to think more positively about yourself and adopt a deeper view of your own sensuality. Rediscovering your sex drive depends completely on your ability to enjoy it all over again.
Sex experts also find that when people begin to take responsibility for their own health, they start to feel better and more confident about themselves. This helps reduce their stress levels and improves their desire for sex. Essentially, taking steps to lose weight is an expression of your determination to be in control of your life. This kind of a psychology helps greatly when it comes to sex as well.
As you can see, losing weight can improve your sex drive and strengthen your relationship in several different ways. However, it is important to also remember that just because you are overweight, it does not necessarily mean that you are plagued by all these problems, incapable of enjoying sex, or performing in bed. According to a study in the US, 70% overweight people continue to report that they have a healthy sex life. So, lose weight by all means, but do not depress yourself over your condition!
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