Boosting Your Metabolism For Increased Weight Loss

Your metabolism slows down as you age. This is just a fact of life. There are ways, however, that you can speed up your metabolism and burn more calories.
You burn roughly two calories a day for every pound of fat just sustaining your body through breathing, your heart beating, etc. You burn roughly six calories a day for every pound of muscle. The goal to burn more calories each day is to replace fat with muscle.
Resistance training uses more muscles in your body which will increase your metabolic rate and build muscle thereby increasing your daily metabolic rate. Aerobic exercise does not build muscles as much as resistance training but will increase your metabolism for several hours after you are done exercising. Walking will raise your metabolic rate but if you add short burst of jogging you will increase the effects even more. The more intense the workout, the higher you will raise your metabolic rate. The key is to slowly increase the intensity of workouts so as not to cause muscle damage. Alternating aerobic exercise and resistance training can maximize your weekly results for weight loss.
Drinking plenty of water will help burn calories too. Eight to ten glasses of water a day is recommended. Putting ice in your water will make your body burn more calories. Eating more fruits and vegetables will help because they contain water and count toward your daily water consumption.
If you are eating three big meals a day, you are actually causing your metabolism to slow down. Instead, eat smaller meals with healthy snacks in between. Try to eat something every three to four hours to keep your metabolism consistent throughout the day and help you burn more calories.
Spicy foods will help boost your metabolism too. The capsaicin in peppers, when added to food, will boost your metabolism, help burn more calories and aid in digesting proteins. Add spices to your food as often as possible.
Another way to increase your metabolism is to replace some carbohydrates with proteins. You burn more calories digesting proteins than you do with carbohydrates. Lean cuts of beef, pork tenderloin, skinless white meat chicken, beans, eggs and low-fat dairy are great proteins that you can eat to get your metabolism going. These proteins will also make you feel more satisfied after you eat and will help you eat less.
The one thing to avoid is crash diets. These diets will help you lose weight, but it is usually muscle weight. Losing muscle weight will actually slow down your metabolism and burn less calories. Once you stop the crash diet, you will gain the weight back and you will have to work even harder to get your metabolism going again.
Sticking to a sensible diet and exercise plan is the only way to lose weight and keep it off. Diet pills, fad diets and crash diets will help you lose weight, but it usually comes right back because you can't live on these restricted diets forever. Keep making little changes and you will not only lose weight, but will be able to keep it off.
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