Can't Lose Belly Fat?

Can't lose belly fat? Many before you have had your same concern, and have discovered that losing belly fat is achievable for absolutely everyone. If you are male or female, young or old, there are a few basic aspects of weight loss that you need to understand and implement in order to see results. Below is a short list of must-do steps when trying to remove your unwanted stomach fat. Fat is often very picky, and ignoring any of these vital steps could be the difference between failure and success.
Drink Plenty of Water:
I know, you've heard it before but you should hear it again. Drinking water may seem irrelevant to losing fat, but like in a lot of things, the seemingly irrelevant steps are the ones that support your bigger goals and act as a cornerstone that holds everything together. Strange how that works out, but it's true. So you know that your body is 70% water (you may have heard 80%, but that refers to 80% of the total weight of a newborn being from water), so it seems appropriate that your body needs to be fed new water as it uses it. Almost every function in your body requires water to run properly and efficiently, so if you want your body to lose weight the way it's designed to, help your organs out by giving them a bit of fuel. You can't lose belly fat if you don't nourish your body with a fair amount of water.
Eat Regularly:
Along with drinking water, you have to maintain a strict schedule of when you eat. If you don't have any kind of meal plan and you just eat whenever you feel like it, then your body tends to pack on a higher percentage of fat. This occurs because, with so many sporadic eating times, your body is unsure of how to store the food in relation to when your next meal is. Try to maintain a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner schedule and stick with relatively close times for each. Besides meals, monitor snacking. Try to limit yourself to particular days you can have a snack (or for certain events), but don't snack to fill hunger. The worst possible time to snack is after 7pm, because it is likely that after this time you will not be having much more physical activity in your day, causing the snack to just sit once consumed.
Detoxify Your Body:
Forgetting to detox your body is one of the major factors when determining why you can't lose belly fat. In fact, I'm willing to bet that this is what has you stumped right now. Detoxing involves removing all the toxins in your body, toxins that encourage fat to get stored and harness the 'slide effect' (where any weight you lose just gets piled back on in a few weeks). When you detox, you will find that fat just evaporates off your body much quicker and easier than if you don't. The best benefit of detoxing is that it makes any weight you lose as close as you can get to permanent.
Do Cardio Exercises:
For many, cardio exercises aren't the most enjoyable of exercises. Others, however, do find cardio exercises to be fun and addictive. In any case, they present huge health benefits and are the main method of losing belly fat. If you can't lose belly fat, is it possible you have been trying to do so by just doing ab workouts? Such as sit-ups or planks? These strengthen and tone your abs, but have next to no effect on your belly fat. Stomach fat gets burned off through running/jogging/walking, swimming, skipping rope, or any other active activity that gets your heart rate up and makes you sweat. Making a daily effort to do some kind of cardio exercise will benefit you greatly when trying to lose belly fat.
By following these 4 steps, there should be nothing holding you back in losing stomach fat. Even those of us who are genetically overweight can lose fat by incorporating these 4 things into their life and practicing sincerity and dedication. Leaving one of these out could very well be the reason you've found you can't lose belly fat.
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