I Need Help Losing Weight - There's No Magic Pill

'I need help losing weight' is something I hear all the time. Everybody seems to think that other people have a better idea of how to drop those excess pounds but quite honestly there are only certain ways that work.
There are all kinds of fad diets around which can leave you feeling really awful. I am thinking especially of those no-carb diets, these are a definite no-no.
Apart from leaving you feeling drained and quite irritable they are doing your system harm. It is in no way natural to have no carbohydrates in your diet. You are not a caveman! You don't live on mammoth steaks. You should have a balanced diet and this means something from every food family.
Some will have you taking cabbage soup till it comes out of your ears, some will deny you even a biscuit when you feel like one. This is where you are going to lose heart and just give up the whole idea of losing weight.
Allow yourself a little treat, work this into the diet you are going to adopt. This way you less likely to give it up as a bad job.
Consider why you eat - you do so to give your system the energy it needs to keep going. If you pile more food into your body than it needs then naturally it is going to store it away, in case you are ever short on food intake. This is then turned into fat and this is what you need to avoid at all costs.
Try to ascertain just how much food you need each day to keep you in peak condition. To give you all the energy you need without overdoing the portions.
'I need help losing weight' you are saying, and this makes you one among many who are making the same cry. Do your homework, understand how your body works,take a good look at your diet. Is it overloaded with too much of one type of food, are you taking in far too many calories for the needs of your system?
If the answer is 'yes' then you should sit yourself down and plan a different diet. Don't attempt anything too drastic, your body might not like you to do anything too different, slowly, slowly catchee monkey, this saying springs to mind. Take everything slowly and you are going to achieve weight loss that you are going to be able to maintain easily.
When you start to eat to gain weight loss, take it a day at a time. No need to think long term at this stage. Re-educating your system to take a different diet is not something you can do overnight.
If you are drastically overweight then you will notice a quick weight loss but after a time this loss will slow down and become a steady small weight loss which is actually what you want. This small but regular loss of excess body weight is going to be something you can keep up.
Of course, diet alone is not going to give you those long term weight losses, you must increase your exercise. No need to go mad, don't start jogging miles a day when you have never run in your life. Don't join a gym and start pumping iron if you have never lifted anything heavier than a tin of beans. Be sensible, make the changes gradually.
If you go at changing your diet and lifestyle like a bull at a gate you are going to fall off the wagon big time. You are going to feel really out of sorts and put that down to your diet, but in reality it will be because you are trying to run before you can walk, so to speak. Make the changes at a rate that your body can accept.
Start off doing something we all do from about the age of 1 year, walking. If you don't like walking alone perhaps a family member would join you or you could perhaps join a ramblers club. Although the walking you do should be perhaps at a brisker pace than a ramble. You need to get the old heart pumping. If you can use stairs instead of lifts do so, at least a few flights until you get acclimatized into climbing stairs.
Cycling is another good way to get your metabolism working at a rate that will burn off excess calories. Swimming also is very good and this is especially good if you have any mobility problems. You could perhaps find swimming better than walking if you have painful joints from arthritis or rheumatism. It is still going to work for you though, your metabolism is going to benefit from this exercise.
Get yourself organized, don't keep crying out 'I need help losing weight', you don't actually, you can do it yourself. It just needs a little thought and the urge to get rid of those excess pounds. You can do it, there is no doubt about that. You do not need other people you just need the will power to get started and when those pounds start coming off you will be motivated to carry on and keep your new svelte figure whether you are a male or female.
For your health's sake - get started and get rid of that excess weight.
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