Lose Weight With Proper Nutrition

"Please! I need your help!" You've probably thought this many times after trying diet programs and diet programs that have failed to give you the results you are looking for. Sure, you most likely have dropped a few pounds in the early stages but those results are short-lived. It's because most diets require you to watch your caloric intake and in many cases leave you starving.
These diets leave you feeling depressed, frustrated, and in most cases do not last over the long haul. I'm not sure about you, but I wouldn't last long on just grapefruits and cabbage. The fact is that not getting enough calories slows your metabolism, causes the loss of lean muscle mass, deprives your body of the fuel it needs and ultimately your body responds by holding stored fat for energy.
The fact of the matter is that better and proper nutrition will give you the best results and here are three reasons why:
Healthy Foods Are Naturally Low In Calories
Processed foods are loaded in calories. You are better off eating reasonable portions of fresh vegetables, fruits, naturally raised meats and organic poultry and eggs. These products are naturally low in calories, however they will not leave you feeling hungry, depressed and upset.
Because processed foods are loaded in calories your body doesn't know what to do with them and they end getting stored as fat. However, when you eat these fresh foods your body benefits and it's less likely the calories will get stored as fat.
Proper Nutrition Helps Fuel Your Body
Run away from diets that encourage you not to eat carbohydrates. All healthy eating plans allow for plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits and beans. It's these healthy carbohydrates that provide the needed fuel for your body and keeps your metabolism in peak performance.
Eating Healthy To Burn Fat
Let's send the double chin packing through a healthy diet that includes protein. A healthy diet of protein will build your muscle tissue. The more muscle tissue you have, can, in the words of Emeril Lagasse, "kick up" your metabolism, which can burn calories at a higher rate.
Here is how it works. High protein foods, such as naturally raised meats, organic poultry, beans and organic eggs, release a hormone that helps burn fat. Additionally, these high protein foods make your meals more filling...while you are actually eating less. So bring on the protein.
Don't put yourself through the agony and drama of dieting...just to be disappointed with the results. Instead simply chose to make the commitment to healthy eating by dropping the amount of processed foods. Healthy eating is just one part of the weight loss puzzle. To keep getting results, drink plenty of water and get plenty of exercise.
Scott is an award winning entrepreneurial sales representative who motivates people to achieve their maximum potential. In his spare time he writes and blogs on topics of interest including business, dieting and exercise, and landscaping.

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