Things You Should Know About Interval Training For Weight Loss Program

By Jeff Knox

There are many ways through which one can get rid of excessive body fat. Joining a weight loss program is one of them. There are several programs that help one achieve this. They all involve going on an exercise routine. A good example of such routines is interval training for weight loss. This is where you perform brief bursts of intense exercise and rest for a few seconds before resuming the next sets.

Therefore, for example if you are on the treadmill, you should perform 3MPH for 30 seconds and then go to 5MPH for an additional 30 seconds. Proceed doing the intervals as you raise the pace each set. You can do this for 30 minutes: Warm up for 5 minutes, perform 20 a 20 minute interval and take 5 minutes to cool off. This is much better as compared to doing 4MPH for 1 hour.

If you use the interval training for weight loss routine, you will discover that your body is losing fat faster. This is due to the high intensity levels or exercises that are involved in the short bursts you are performing. Since you do not give your body enough time to relax after each set, the workout becomes optimized. Thus, the fat is used up to produce the energy that is needed to perform the exercises.

Sweating profusely during a workout session does not necessarily mean that you are burning a lot of fat. Some people use this as a justification that they are losing weight, while doing the same exercise continuously without changing the intensity with time. This is a very wrong assumption. With interval training the heart rate increases drastically every time you increase the peak. This shows that the body is being presented with a new challenge during the exercise.

So, instead of working out at a comfortable pace and spending a lot of time at the gym, start using this routine and get better results and save the time you spend exercising. Regardless of whether you are on a bike, treadmill or elliptical trainer, you are guaranteed of a quality training session when you use this routine. You do not need to go to extreme limits. The intense 30 second intervals and few second rests are enough to make an intense workout session, ensuring better results.

When doing interval training workouts for losing weight, you can also perform the intervals with weight training. Instead of lifting the heaviest weight loads, doing faster sets, and giving your body only a few seconds to relax between each set you do, you will find that you're enhancing fat loss.

Though, you might not gain as much muscle mass as you might by lifting the heaviest weights, you will get substantial increase in the size of your muscles, due to the continuous action mixed up in routine. The muscles will get shocked through the numerous bursts of intensive exercise throughout the workout. This tends to bring about tremendous outcomes particularly if you wish to slim down using this type of program.

Most experts usually claim that when the body gets used to the same type of workout and intensity of exercises, it stops changing. With interval training, you are sure that this will not happen. This is because the muscles are shocked constantly and each interval introduces the muscles to something different. This minimizes the amount of time you spend at the gym and also ensures that you make the most out of it. Even if the workout is shorter than it used to be in the past, you get to gain more from it.

Regardless of what you choose to do, running, biking, or using any other cardio equipment or even body mass exercises, you are going to make the most from your exercise routine if you opt to go with interval training. The high intensity bursts, as well as the continual change the system is about to experience during the course of working out, is going to give you the desired outcomes, as well as in a significantly shorter period of time than you had been experiencing them with easy cardiovascular workouts you were doing.

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