Using An Ultrasonic Massager For Pain Relief

By Kelli Evans

As more people become health conscious, they are seeking out ways of helping to reduce pain or appear younger without resorting to medications or other costly treatments. There are several alternatives to traditional drugs or therapeutic treatments that may be done at home. One way people can avoid drugs or visits to the doctor is by using an ultrasonic massager.

These devices operate by sending ultrasound waves at a frequency of one million vibrations per second, 1 MHz, penetrating into your skin. With the aid of gel, the device can also help firm skin, moisturize skin and provide a deep cleaning that can help eliminate acne. It can also lighten dark spots and freckles on your skin as well.

Most of these devices use infrared heat to help soothe aching muscles or stimulate cells to moisturize skin. The heat also helps ointments to penetrate the skin better to get deeper into tissue. By doing this, ointments designed to relief sore muscles can get deeper into the muscle tissue and ointments that help firm skin get deeper into skin tissue as well.

The device has several settings that may be used in ten to fifteen minute increments on the skin. The thickness of the tissue under the skin determines which setting is best to be used. The thicker the tissue, the higher the setting that should be used for the process and vice versa.

The massaging devices can be found wherever beauty supplies and devices are sold. They do not require any special knowledge or licensing, though the instructions should be followed closely. Another good way to find a suitable device is to do an online search for one of them.

Searching the Internet will produce many websites that sell the ultrasonic massager. They can be ordered through many manufacturer's websites or through websites that specialize in health and beauty aids. These devices can be a great way to firm up skin and reduce wrinkles in the home without resorting to more expensive treatments.

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