Using Whole Body Vibration To Recover From An Injury

By Laironda M. Eilerman

A calming massage is not the only advantage of the body when using whole body vibration. This type of movement on the body can truly help people recover from injuries and operations more quickly. Even if a person is not recuperating from an injury or surgery, the vibrations can still improve their health and well-being. Machines that offer this type of movement are very versatile and can be used by people on all fitness levels and with varying physical capabilities.

It is not uncommon for a person to be unable to stand after an operation or an injury. Exercise and movement can help to promote a speedy recovery so it is unfortunate when people have trouble doing so. With whole body vibration, a person can receive a lot of the health benefits of cardio exercise without having to put the stress and strain on their bodies. There is a lot of discomfort when exercising when a person has had knee or hip surgeries. Even if a person sits in a chair and places his or her feet on the vibrating platform they will be able to experience the benefits of the vibrations. To get the highest possible benefits, a person can stand on the platform once their condition has improved.

Machines that provide whole body vibration movements are deemed to be low impact. This means that they are gentle on the joints and reduces the chance of being injured while exercising. Low impact exercises can be done by all kinds of people and are especially beneficial for people that are not in the best shape. A person's movement is seriously limited by pain after an injury that occurs to the hips or knees. Low impact exercises are frequently ideal for rehabilitation and recovery from these types of injuries.

It is important to be mindful of a patient's circulation when they are in recovery. People who have circulation troubles may find that it takes them longer to recover than those who have good circulation. Muscles will contract rapidly due to the vibration exercise machine and this causes the muscles to act as a pump to move the blood through the blood vessels. The rate in which the blood travels to remove waste and bring in new cells will be quicker which means that the recovery process will also be quicker.

The popularity of whole body vibration is growing for people that need to recover from injuries and surgeries, and it is often recommended by health professionals. A person's circulation can be improved through this type of gentle exercise, and it is also easy on a person's joints which means that their recovery times will be much quicker.

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