Be trained just how to increase positive results in the hcg injection diet

By Jon S Green

The safest and most successful diet over the past fifty years is easily the hCG injection diet. It is based on the combination of prescribed injections and low caloric intake, causing the body to undergo changes necessary for rapid weight loss. Many of the side effects of low calorie dieting are alleviated. The diet requires some adherence to strict guidelines. The following are some hints and tips to help ease your way.

Seek medical and professional guidance. This is the only way you will obtain the hCG injection, because the FDA does not allow it in any other form, and it must be prescribed by a physician. Another important consideration is to see a counselor or therapist, to evaluate you reason(s) for overeating. It could be a number of reasons, and you want to correct anything contrary to a healthy lifestyle.

Do not skip the loading days - The protocol calls for patients to start their morning injections, and then eat many foods that are high in fat the first two days. This is an important part of the process. Do not start on low calories during these loading days. This will help your body to prepare for the initial days of the diet. It will take the hCG about 3 days to start to become effective in helping you alleviate the symptom associated with the low calorie diet. Some people think they can get a quick start by dieting from the first day, which is a falsehood. Trust the process, and do not skip the loading days.

Keep a daily diary. Keep a diary of your daily weights and your meals, your thoughts and your feelings; anything that helps you to focus and reflect on the diet. Healthy and nutritious eating is a conscious effort. Writing down what you are doing helps to reinforce good habits. In addition, the daily record of weight lost is a tremendous motivator. In line with this is to join a forum for hCG injection dieters as another layer of accountability and support.

Keep things routine. Unbelievably, the reason you became so good at being obese is because you had routine behaviors that you never deviated from; for example, midnight snacking. So now you are encouraged to eat at the same times, take your injection at the same time daily, and weigh yourself during the same time of day. The object is to develop habits that will start you on your way to a healthy lifestyle after you have lost all that weight.

Drink plenty of water - The rule of thumb is to drink half your weight in ounces every day. If you cannot do this, the minimum should be one half gallon or eight glasses daily. Removing impurities from your bloodstream and transferring nutrients from your stored fat cells requires a significant amount of water. Coffee is allowed on the diet, however, be mindful that caffeine can cause cravings. Drink two glasses of water or hot tea about 30 minutes before a meal to help reduce appetite. Hand in hand with water, is to take in 30 grams of fiber daily - Good hydration and proper bowel function will aid the diet process immensely.

Stick to the 500-calorie protocol - Your adherence to the 500 calories daily; as well as avoiding starches and sugars are essential. The entire process, the injections, the calories, abstaining for specific foods, and drinking water are in effect a formula to help your body change its chemistry. In addition, be sure to add plenty of variety to your meals.

Extend the eating process. Drink a cup of tea or two glasses of water hour before you eat. Chew your food slowly and deliberately. Serve your meals on smaller plates, the goal here is to change your eating habit from quantity to quality; it is a mindset. If you have room and calories for seconds, wait 10 - 15 minutes before eating them.

Avoid activities that encourage overeating. Never go shopping for groceries when hungry, plan your meals in advance, and try not to eat anything within 3 hours of bedtime. Assign one place as the eating-place, and all meals and snacks should be consumed there. Never drive or watch TV while eating.

Increase your physical activity - avoid strenuous activity, however some things you can do to increase the activity is to take the stairs instead of the elevator, park your car a couple of blocks from your destination and walk, and take a walk at lunch time. In fact a 30 minute walk about 5 times a week would suffice.

These hints and tips are basic minimums to getting you started on your way to a healthy lifestyle as a result your commitment to the hCG injection diet. As you go on this journey, you will discover your own helpful hints. Be sure to share them, we would love to hear from you.

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