Looking At The Hilton Head Diet And The HCG Plan

By James Hines

If you are planning to lose weight you are not alone. Millions of people are overweight and are desperate to do something about it. Here is look at two popular methods, the Hilton Head Diet and HCG Diet for weight loss.

If you start the HH or Hilton Head plan you will eat around one thousand calories every day for around six weeks. Your calories will be split into five separate meals, and two of them are considered snacks. This type of eating is believed to boost metabolism as you avoid "starvation" mode. Foods you eat must be high carb and low fat.

The HCG program starts with a 500 calorie limit for the day for about 6 weeks. Your foods are high protein yet low carbohydrate. As part of the plan you take HCG hormone in one of several different forms. This is supposed to burn fat and limit hunger urges, making weight loss quick and effective.

Both HCG and HH plans can result in good weight loss. Of course, nether plan is meant to be followed for a long time. Quick weight loss is considered a short term benefit. Yet, results may be more long lasting with the HCG program.

HCG plans help people to target fat burning and can result in some rapid fat loss. In fact, one may lose significantly more than with the HH plan. Also, the HCG plan is believed to increase metabolism for some time to come. This can mean more long term weight loss than other programs.

If you carefully examine these two plans you will see similarities. However, the HCG program may be more effective than the Hilton Head Diet for losing fat quicker and for better long term results. Make sure to see your doctor before you begin a new diet plan.

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