Reasons To Check Out A Singapore Massage Clinic

By Katherine Wong

Very few things in this world could ever compare against the sheer soothing effect of a good old body massage, specially when done by a talented massage therapist. This is likewise why many of us see massage as an indispensable tool that helps us counteract the effects of life's numerous stressors.

The incontrovertible fact that we can access a multitude of benefits from massage is not new knowledge. And actually, touch therapy has been widely employed by early human civilizations as a type of treatment for a variety of illnesses.

But what really makes touch therapy such a potent therapeutic tool? And what are the precise principles at work when when talking about the healing effects of massage?

The simple answer lies in the bodily substances we refer to as endorphins, they are neurotransmitters or endogenous chemicals that transmit signals from the brain to the various cells and organs in the human body. Endorphins have been known to have immune system boosting, and pain relieving effects, these also play an important part in reducing stress and slowing down the process of aging. In short, it is the body's very own "wonder drug".

But what do these endorphins have to do with massage? Simply put, massage serves as the key that unlocks stores of endorphins in the body and releases them through the circulatory system or bloodstream. And this is the reason why we often feel drowsy, relaxed, and contented during a massage.

Touch therapy has other, more direct benefits too. For starters, the kneading and rubbing motion on the skin increases blood flow to surface tissues, thereby increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrition to the cells. Additionally, the pressure exerted by massage techniques also directly reduces tension in underlying muscles, relieving painful spasms and releasing compressed nerves.

And if these benefits are not enough to convince you of the genuine power of massage, studies have also revealed that massage indirectly hastens the elimination of body wastes and excess fluids, creating somewhat of a slimming effect. Drop in on a Singapore massage center today, or visit to discover more on the fantastic perks of a massage treatment.

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