The Right Answer To What Is The Paleo Solution Question

By Maria Renouf

Naturally, when someone tells you they're on a diet with a name, the reaction is generally to roll your eyes. However, when answering what is the Paleo solution question, one should note that some diets have claimed "success" for decades, and have even claimed scientific backing, though they are usually kind of sketchy. This one, however, seems to have some solid backing in microbiology as well as biology and anthropology, and there are many who claim marked health benefits on the diet.

Anthropological and archaeological studies have shown that our ancestors, though primitive, had a serious lack of some now well-known diseases. Things like heart disease, obesity, cancer, and the like were almost non-existent. They also show that our ancestors were nearly carnivorous.

The Paleo diet claims to be based around the diets scientists theorize our ancestors lived off of. It's a low carb and sugar, high fat, high protein diet. One of the key points of the diet is that the food you choose has to have been processed as little as possible. When available, followers of Paleo will opt for organic foods.

Foods like pastas and baked goods are not only considered too processed to eat, they are also completely the wrong kind of food. One of the guidelines of the diet is an avoidance of grains and legumes. However, mock items, made from vegetables to mimic the properties of other foods, most commonly pasta, are popular.

As far as portions are concerned, the goal is usually to have a higher protein - fat - carb ratio. Common examples are 60 - 20 - 20 and 40 - 30 - 30. The belief is that since our ancestors didn't eat grains and legumes, our bodies are having a hard time processing the ones we eat now, resulting in health problems.

Paleo dieters, in aiming for organic and unprocessed foods, avoid things with high sugar or starch contents. Saturated and trans-fats are off the menu, too, as are grains and legumes. For their sacrifice, however, many dieters claim some great health benefits.

Recent biological studies seem to show a marked increase in athletic performance. Faster muscle gains, and a faster metabolism, are also apparent. This has been largely reported by users of the diet. The diet isn't just being used in the prevention of disease, either. It's now being used in the treatment of many "modernized" diseases.

There are many books on this topic, available in both e-reader and paper formats one can use to help answer what is the Paleo solution question. Propagators of the plan range from dieticians to bloggers to housewives and athletes. The number seems to be increasing as more data is collected by the scientific community.

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