Best Ways to Lose Weight in 2012

Losing weight is very simple if a healthy diet program is followed. A single diet program does not suit everyone since there are different body types. Understanding the body type and then choosing a diet plan yields the required result. Since obesity is a risk factor for various cardiovascular problems, it is essential to lose weight and maintain an appropriate body mass index to be healthy and fit. Recent studies have suggested that obesity is related to stress and depression in many people. Obese people are at a high risk for high blood pressure, cholesterolemia, triglyceridemia, angina pectoris due to lack of oxygen, and death due to stroke or cardiovascular disease without any symptoms.
Losing weight helps in the prevention of insulin and non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. Uterine cancer, cancer of the gallbladder, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, rectal carcinoma, and prostate cancer are also caused due to obesity. Sleep-related problem such as sleep apnea which is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease is also prevented by losing weight. Snoring problem which many obese people have can also be cured by losing weight. Sometimes due to obesity, the joints are affected due to the impact or pressure on the joints. This leads to osteoporosis in the long run. Obese people sometimes have increased uric acid in blood leading to gout. Losing weight reduces the symptoms of gout. Losing weight also prevents the occurrence of gall stones. Due to all these health issues, weight loss is considered as important by many people.
There are many weight loss programs and diets available. There are basically three types of dieting programs namely low-carbohydrate diet, low-protein diet, and low-fat diet. These diet plans help in breaking down the stored fat. Some of the best weight loss programs are weight watchers, nutrisystem, the Atkins diet, and the south beach diet.
Weight Watchers: This diet plan provides you an easier method to count daily calories. This plan allows the user to make healthier choices. It gives you an option of eating what you like also. Since this is not a strict diet plan, it is easy to use this program.
Nutrisystem: This diet plan offers different diets to men and women. It is a 28-day diet plan which allows you to choose your meals which are healthy. It provides tool for you to plan your diet on a daily basis. It has both maintenance and transition plans which are flexible. Nutrisystem protein shakes when used along with the meal of your choice provides good result.
The Atkins Diet: It is a normal diet program which allows you to eat healthier as well as tastier foods. This diet plan provides a long-term benefit. This diet includes foods that are essential to improve body metabolism and helps to burn the excess fat. The Atkins Diet balances carbohydrate, protein, and fat levels in your body and therefore reduces weight in a healthy way.
The South Beach Diet: This diet plan helps in eliminating bad carbohydrate and fat and replaces them with good carbohydrate and fat. This was developed by both cardiologists and dietitians. This diet restricts alcohol consumption.
Weight loss can be achieved even with the use of diet pills. There are both prescription diet pills as well as herbal diet pills. It is always better to take diet pills after consulting a physician. The effect of diet pills depends on the ingredients they contain. Some diet pills contain appetite suppressant while others accelerate the body metabolism. They also prevent fat absorption by inhibiting lipase enzyme. Prolonged use of diet pills is not advisable unless approved by FDA.
In addition to weight loss programs, good exercise, water consumption, and healthier lifestyle helps you to lose weight and prevents weight gain after discontinuing the program.
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