How To Lose Weight Fast - Why Should You Exercise Less But With More Intensity

Another key element of a permanent weight loss is to exercise less time but with way more intensity.
Your body is a perfect machine build to response to all stimulus in a perfect way. E.g.: you cut a finger with a knife, and hoards of blood cells run to cut the bleeding and kill possible infection organisms that enter your body. You start doing some workout and your body suddenly starts to release sweat to avoid your body temperature rise so high that could literally burn your organs.
Kind of a similar reaction happens with exercise and cardio workouts. They do burn fat, that's truth. But they are the less efficient way for the body to burn fat.
The primary reason is because this type of exercise only burns fat when you are... exercising!.
If you spent a couple of hours at the gym trying to lose fat, the body keeps the fat it was supposed to burn for the next workout session. It's a way of being efficient and releasing the burnt energy in chunks instead of a continuous fat lost. So if you want to lose more of that fat you have to do more and more workouts.
And if you keep that body routine for too long you won't be able to do other things effectively. That's why you may have felt tired enough like not to come back to the gym until you fully recover from prolonged hours of boring workouts.
What happens instead with another type of exercise?
The best fat burning fat would be then the strength resistance training, or weight training. When done properly, it can help you in two ways:First would be the regular fat burning scheme of high intensity and at the other end, it helps build your body with lean muscle, but what does that mean exactly? This means that lean muscle need a least of 40-50 calories a day to function, so make the math when you add several pounds of muscle, you create a calorie deficit that will help you burn even more fat.
When you work out with enough intensity you flip the fat burning switch of your body and then you start burning fat from the carbohydrates in your muscles instead of other body fat. 15 to 26 minutes a day of high-speed-intensity workout with weight training is enough to oblige your metabolism to burn carbohydrates and fat to fully recover your body from the complex chemical process that occurs in muscles, cells and organs. The best part is that this process can last up to 48 hours!
And as if that weren't enough you increase the work capacity of your heart and lungs, which will reduce the chance of cardiovascular diseases.
Don't feel bad at the beginning if you are doing strength resistance training: you may feel as you are not making any progress but remember that muscle weighs more than fat!. So even if you don't see that much weight loss at the beginning is because you are gaining more muscle, but you will definitely feel better.
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