Should I Weigh Myself? Three Tips For Success

"Should I weigh myself?" is one of the common questions people ask us when they're trying to lose weight. One of the big frustrations that Donna and I hear time and again is when you feel like you're doing everything right to lose some weight, but those darn scales just aren't shifting. This tends to happen when you first start trying to lose weight, or at certain points along the way when you seem to hit a weight plateau. Your jeans might fit better, your shirt might feel looser and the top button might sit more comfortably, but the bathroom scales are not reflecting these changes.
This can be really frustrating, and understandably is often enough to make you want to give up. But before you do that, please remember these three tips for success:
1. Acknowledge all the things that have changed, even if the number on the bathroom scales hasn't.
Do you have more energy? Are you eating better, and more consistently? Do you feel more in control of your food choices? Do your clothes feel better? Do you feel more confident? Have you changed some unsupportive habits for some supportive ones? Any, or all, of these things are steps towards reaching your weight goal, so don't ignore them just because the scales haven't moved. These ways of measuring your progress are all important. Remember, the bathroom scales are just one measure of your progress.
2. Everyone stalls or hits a plateau.
We don't know anyone who hasn't got 'stuck' at a particular weight, who can't get below a certain number or can't seem to get that first big win on the scales. It is frustrating and it plays tricks with your mind, but please remember that everyone goes through this. You're not alone in the disappointment of not always seeing the results of your efforts on the scales.
3. Give yourself a kick-start.
If you've ever ridden a motorbike, or seen some of the older styles around, you'll know that motorbikes sometimes have a kick-start as well as an electric start. This means having to forcibly step down on the pedal and get the engine running. To achieve this, you have to find a fine balance between finesse and brute force. If nothing's shifting on the bathroom scale, you may need to give yourself a kick-start.
A kick-start literally means to 'start or reinvigorate an activity, system or process'. If you really are at your wit's end and think you're doing everything 'right' but the scales aren't shifting, do something radically different for one week. This could be cranking up your exercise to every day rather than three times a week, cutting something out of your diet entirely (e.g. bread, chocolate, alcohol) or eating your meals the wrong way round (i.e. eat a big breakfast, medium-size lunch and small dinner). It needs to be something that will make your body go 'hey, what's going on here?'. You want to wake your body up and give it a KICK-START. Kick-starting your system for one week can often be enough to get those bathroom scales moving in the right direction.
Make sure you follow these three tips before you let your frustration lead to weight loss sabotage.
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