A Few Useful Exercises To Lose Love Handles

By Iain Benzell

People that are proud of their bodies often still have problems in certain areas. Men, for example, seem to find it difficult to find the right exercises to lose love handles. Women often struggle with getting rid of excess weight around the hips and the buttocks. Many people are of the opinion that a set of specific workouts will help them turn fat into muscle.

The bad news is that fat can never be changed into muscle. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to first get rid of the excess fat and to them build muscle by means of a specific program. Diet alone is also of no use. It is necessary to make certain lifestyle changes if the aim is to lose fat and to build muscle.

Any drastic diet should only be taken on after gaining medical advice. Nutritional experts warn that sudden weight loss can be dangerous and even cause long term health problems. Sudden weight loss is also seldom permanent. The better solution would be to eat healthily and to be active. This will provide long term results without endangering the body.

There is no special equipment necessary to build the stomach muscles. Old fashioned sit ups are still one of the best ways in which to achieve this. It is important to do it correctly however. It is necessary to lie flat on the back with the knees bend. The chest should be lifted with every exhalation and a minimum of ten repetitions is needed.

Bicycle exercises are also extremely useful in building attractive tummy muscles. To get maximum advantage it is necessary to lay flat on the back with the hands behind the head. The chest is then lifted towards the sky while the torso is twisted to one side. The right elbow is then brought to the left knee after which the body is lowered again.

Another useful workout is called the sledgehammer. Literally, a heavy hammer is used to hit an object such as a tire. The hammer is swung powerfully and the body is twisted towards the side when the blow is brought down. It is also possible to use a bat or any other object if a sledgehammer is found to be too heavy.

Long term results can only be attained with long term effort, a healthy diet and a moderate workout program. No program can result in quick muscle building and it is certainly no solution to resort to solutions such as steroids. Unfortunately the stomach is one of those areas where men typically carry extra fat.

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