An Impartial Evaluation of the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

By Stefan Kinloch

If you want something to better your posture and get rid of back ache, the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair is worth checking out. It's a chair that's constructed with the characteristics of an exercise ball. Many people spend long hours each day sitting in uncomfortable chairs that harm their posture and contribute to neck and back problems. This is a totally different kind of chair that can change how you would sit. Let's examine how efficient the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair is at achieving this.

The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair was made with the assistance of fitness experts, including a well known chiropractic doctor by the name of Dr. Randy Weinzoff. It gives the benefits of a balance ball, the kind found in fitness gyms everywhere, and turns it into a chair with a back support you can adjust for comfort. The intention of this balance ball chair is to promote healthy spinal alignment and better posture. One reason many people use exercise balls is to improve core strength, and this chair also assists you in this area. The balance ball itself needs to be inflated, and it is sold with an air pump for this reason.

Being seated may not look like a risky behavior, but research studies reveal that it actually contributes to many health issues. Unfortunately, most of us can't avoid this. The majority of professions require us to sit at a desk most of the day. The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair offers you a great remedy to this. This chair supports your body structure in a good way even while you're busy focused on other pursuits. You shouldn't consider this as a replacement for hitting the gym, but it's a healthy addition to it. If you experience any back or neck pain now, using this chair over time may help get rid of it.

The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair does have its imperfections. Several customers found the size of the balance ball uncomfortably small. For whatever reason, this chair is actually created for individuals between 5'0 and 5'11. You won't get much out of it if you're a really tall person. This does leave out a number of folks, which is unfortunate. You should also understand that your body will have to adjust to the balance ball chair. If you have ever spent many years sitting on conventional chairs, the balance ball chair will not instantly feel natural to you. When you purchase the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair, you should give yourself a couple of days for your body to get used to it.

The concept behind the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair is pretty great. Your entire body is certainly better off sitting on a balance ball than in a regular chair. Obviously, it takes more than a healthy chair to stay in good shape. While it can be quite helpful, it's also essential to exercise besides using this chair.

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